Breakfast is the most importante food of the day.

The Breakfast is the most important food of the day.

The breakfast gives us a great umount of energy , it prevents the wary of the human body , and gives more memory and energy to our brain and our stimuli are fastes.

It gives us energy to fight the day and the exams in our schools or univeritys , if whe dont eat breakfast , we feel more fatigued and we dont have energy before the lunch.

A study in the Harvard university (institute of health) , prove that the blreakfast is the most important food of the day. ( remember that Harvard univesity is the one wich most prestige in the world) .Sometimes pepoles dont eat breakfast because they think that it provides calories , but it not. A good breakfast haves milk , bread or cookies , and fruit , the only think that provides calories in a breakfast is the bread , but we can eat wholemeat bread. The milk brings us glucose that is the sugar of the brain , and it hel to work with more intensity.

The breakfast is the most important food of the day and the most complete , it brings all the nutrients that we need to fight with the day and the loss of energy , provides the energy of brain , the  development of the childrens and the energy to dont eat in all the day.



Diary Entry

Nightmare in the forest

Last night , I went to the forest of Transilvania , with my vampire friend Fred. When we arrived , we seen a deer that has been killed by Nelson , my other vampire friend. We went to the castle of the chief of the vampires , Waldo. When we arrived , the bodyguards of Waldo killed my friend Fred , because his father saids that the vampires was animals and they are not considered humans. I run and run to the forest , to forget it. When i was in the forest , my other friend Nelson has been killed by Waldo. It was a slaughter , I return to the castle to kill Nelson and revenge my dead friends , when I arrived , Nelson was killed by a girl. I talked to Alice , she said me that she killed Nelson because he killed his mothers , I was surprised , immediately I fell in love with her. Now we are married and we have a beautiful family . I had 3 sons with Alice , Mary , Anna and Lisa. Lisa was the best of 3 , she loves kill and mutilate peoples and animals , me and she went to the forest alllthe weekends , we kill bears and deers , the part that Lisa loves was the legs of the bears , because it had many and many blood , and is the blood more pure of the bear. In that years , I was a very good vampire and dad , I loved to kill animals with my friends , but always with my


Crime description

Type of crime: Murder Criminal: Jack the Ripper

Detective in Charge : Scotland Yard , Mr Federick Abberline , Mr Henry Moore adn Mr Walter Andrews.

Victims: He only kills girls (prostitutes) , Emma Elizabeth , Martha Tabram , Mary Jane , Catherine Eddowes , Mary Nicholls and Annie Chapman. Motif: He kill because he had an innate desire to do it , they desire to mutilate

Dates of the crimes: Emma Elizabeth 3 april of 1888 , Martha Tabram 7 august 1888 , Marry Jane 9 november of 1888 Place: He kills in the cities of Whitechapel , St George , London and Spitafields

Trial and sentencing: He was captured by a short time , because the police released him.

Criminal Biography

Birth: He birth in the 11 of november of 1865 in Polonia , in that time , the Russian Empire.

Family information: Not known

Occupation: Barber of Whitechapel , England

Turning Points in their life: Between 1888 and 1891

Traces or signature they left at crime scenes: He only kills prostitutes , they had between 39 and 47 years old , many drank a large amount of alcohol  and he murder only y the weekend.

How they were caught: The identify was discovered by Russel Edwards , that discovered he by blood and semen that haves in a jacket , and identify a Ridney cell.

Conviction and death: They never caught him

Description of physical elements:

Description of psychological: He has seasoned with paranoid schizophrenia , auditory hallucinations, They treat his when he entered to the psychiatric hospital in 1889 , after he`s crimes , when he have 23 years old.

Detective biography´s

Birth: 8 of January of 1843 in Blandform Forum , Dorset.

Traces they found at crime scenes: They founded the traces in the jacket of one of the victims of Jack the Ripper , in the jacket had semen and blood that gave him the identify of Jack the Ripper.

How they caught the criminals: He never caught Jack the Ripper , but the other criminals he caught because he flollow they.



Jack the Ripper

Detective  Federick Abberline


D: Hello , mister Jack the Ripper , finally we are together

J: Hello my captain

D: Lets start With the questions

J: Okay

D: Why you send letters to the police?


D: Tell me!!! , you dont have any escape

J: I wrote that letters to mock the police , I think that you are all stupids

D: We now that you only kills prostitutes , but…. Why?

J: I hate that type of girls , girls that sell hers bodys , but always they attract me sexually

D: Wau! , you are really a lunatic

J: Shut up , and continue doing your job

D: My job its to catch you , and I do it

J:  …….

D: How do you kill your victims?

J: I quarted they , but after I violated

D: Why you only kill girls only between 37 and 49 years old?

J: Because this is a wonderfull age to die:3

D: You are a extremly lunatic , after this interrogation , you will go to the madhouse

D: Why you started killing?

J: Because it attract me , I have a desire to kill and quarted people , its funny , prove it

D: I never will prove ir , I am a correct man

J: Ok , dont prove it but you know that you will never caught me , I will escape,

D: How many girls do you killed?

J: Between 10 and 30 girls

D: All of them was prostitutes?

J: Yes

D: Do you have sexual intercouse with your victims?

J: No , but in some cases yes

D: Your muders was rituals?

J: No , but I always have an interest of the black magic

D: Do you have any medical knowledge

J: Yes , but only the basic issues , I know all the parts of the human body , and I know to draw and put all the organs , without getting dirty with blood.

D: And …. , Why you kill this people?

J: I kill because I want , when I want and because I always do what I want , and I want to go to my house and desappear of here.

D: Where are you going!? , security!!

Braulio Bahamonde

Vincenzo Cademartori


Godlike Report


Atlas was the most stronger of the titans , he was the son of Japeto and Climene. He was one of the second generation of titans , he leb the titans in a rebellion against Zeus and the olimpo.
He was said to have been appointed guardian of the pillars which held earth and sky asunder.

Atlas was the father of Pleyades , Hiades and Hesperides. Hesperides was the guardian of a gold tree of apples. The god of the land Gea , gives the tree to Hera, the wife of Zeus. But one day the oracle said to Atlas that the offsprings of Zeus will steal the apples of gold of the tree by this reason , Atlas doesn’t allowed Zeus to enter to his house.

One day Atlas doesn’t allowed to Perseo to enter to his house , and Perseo showed the face of Medusa , and Atlas became rock that is the mountain of africa Atlas.

Atlas has an stronger personality , proud , giant and stronger , and he districted of all the people.

After the titan get disposal of Zeus and his brothers , Atlas was not a prisoner in the world of the deadmans , like the others , and Zeus gives him a punishment that consist in load the arch of heaven in his shoulders.

Atlas has the personality of a warrior , the force of a god , but always he not trust in all the people , including the greek god Zeus and Perseo , but he was a great titan and fight for the titans.



Our First Blogging

7 norte , 1307

Vina del Mar , Chile

27 of July 2015

Dear Jhonny:

Thanks you very much for your last letter. It was great to hear you from so many months.  I enter to a new school called The Mackay School , my first day was awesome! , i share with new people and they receive very well.

You are living now in Pakistan , do you like that country?, how is your live there? , what do you tell me of your new school?.

In my first day , first we go to the computer lab , the computers are awesome! , then we go to the math class , the teachers is very strict , but she is very funny when she is not in classes. I meet a friend that is called Kevin , i have a new boyfriend in my first day of classes! , her name is Jhendelin , she is very cute.

The best class of the day was sport , I learned to play rugby , at the first , I was very frightened , but when my team mate gives me the ball , y only ran ty the ingol , and i do the try! , I cant wait to other sport class and play rugby again.

The new job of my dad is fantastic! , he is so happy. My mother love the new house , but my sister don’t like so much this city , she has problems making new friends.

I want to invite you to come to this beautifull country and my new school , I will present you my friend Jhendelin , and we will play rugby in the beach of Reñaca!

I hope to see you soon! , and I hope to come!